Four students at Andrew Robinson Elementary School proved
reading is important and fundamental to academic success.
The students were awarded multimedia computers for their
reading accomplishment by their PE teacher William Jackson.
For the past three years Coach Jackson awards multimedia
computers to top readers and academic performers.
Partnering with the Media Specialist Nancy Rentz and
Instructional Coach Michelle Walsh-Lopez;
The students ranging in grades second thru fifth
each read above the number of books required (25)
and passed their computer based reading assessment
to be awarded multimedia computers at the end of the
school year.
These were the top readers in their grade level:
Second grade - Nehemia Wilford
Third grade - Ja'Ali V. Thanars
Fourth grade - Maxwell Linning
Fifth grade - Keana D. Bryant
In addition to winning a computer Ja'Ali also is an A/B honor
student, scored level 5 on Reading and Math on FCAT testing
and has read over 25 books on the Superintendent's Book Club.
These students and others excelled above and beyond the
requirements to be successful readers. They are role models
to their peers at Andrew Robinson and in Duval County Public
Schools. In the 2010-2011 school year Coach Jackson hopes to
award multimedia laptops to top readers in Kindergarten thru
5th grade and establish a partnership with other elementary
schools to motivate reading success throughout DCPS elementary
schools. The fundamentals of reading success begin in the primary
grades of our elementary schools.
Students should be rewarded with tools that promote and
encourage learning. Technology is a great motivator for students
and empowers them for continued success in their academic journeys.
William Jackson, M.Ed.
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